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Bass Cat Fishing Boats

BassCat Boats has been building total performance bass boats since 1971. We are proud to become a dealer and look forward to a long relationship. We beleive Bass Cat makes some of the best designed and engineered bass fishing boats on the market. So much so that Boatmasters became an Authorized Bass Cat Dealer in Northern California. With so many lakes, rivers, estuaries, and of course, The Delta, we are in the perfect position to sell high end fishing boats. After working on 100s of Bass Cats as a boat repair facility, we came to the conculsion that Bass Cat's were the highest quality boat on the market. At Boatmasters, we only want to represent the best boating companies in the industry, so we choose Bass Cat and they accepted!

For more details about the Bass Cat fishing boats we carry. Please visit Boatmasters.com/basscat to view the different models that we can special order for you.
Have your new boat built to your specifications. Give us a call at 925-443-5775.