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We recently received an email asking about cleaning a boat. In part, it says "the boat has not been cleaned in a while and has some minor scratches and a little sun damage. It has black scuff marks and a river line on the bottom of the hull. My question is, what would be a great cleaner for the hull, the seats and a great wax?"

What we suggested is, starting from the bottom up using the ON&OFF hull cleaner/stain remover. Any black scuff marks can be removed with simple acetone. Depending on the severity of the sun damage, depends on where you start. Worst case scenario is wet sanding, then to rubbing compound, to a polish and finally a wax; then a wax maintenance product through the year.Think of the process in those steps; the severity of what shape the boat is in, determines how far back you go in the process. The best all around cleaner for inside your boat is Spray Nine and then to keep it from drying out, use 3M 303 Aerospace Protectant. To finish it all off, use 3M liquid wax.

Boatmasters sells a kit by Meguiar's. It has Oxidation Remover, polish and wax and is cheaper to purchase that way than buying the products individually.Meguiar's is owned by 3M, so they are both good products. Everything is available on our website. Hope this all helps a little. If someone has any other suggestions, go to our Facebook page and post your ideas.