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Bass Cat Bass Boats

Bass Cat Bass Fishing Boats

Boatmasters is an Authorized Dealer for Bass Cat Fishing Boats in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bass Cat was founded by Ron and Jan Pierce in 1971 and has since grown to become an industry leader in customer satisfaction, winning the J.D. Power & Associates award since 2005. Bass Cat Fishing boats sleek design, reliability and power come from the manufacture process of the hull. Each boat is manufactured as a solid piece of fiberglass instead multiple smaller pieces held together with fasteners. This design has proven to be more reliable and sturdy thus thrusting Bass Cat Boats into the upper echelon of fishing boats. 

Bass Cat Fishing Boats are great for river, lake or bay fishing and when combined with a Mercury Marine Outboard is one of the fastest fishing boats on the market today. If you're interested in ordering a Bass Cat, please call Boatmasters at 925-443-5775 to order your perfect Bass Cat.

Bass Cat Boats Quest Program LogoThe Quest Tournament fishing program by Bass Cat creates fishing tournament incentives throughout your Bass Cat boat ownership.

For more information, please visit: Quest Tournament Page




Basscat Dealership in California-Jaguar

This rig is designed to address the luxury bass boat market while be able to handle up to a 350hp outboard motor! The Jaguar is a length of 21ft 5in, has a 6ft wide casting deck and 8 storage areas. This bass boat has top of the line features and is the ultimate Bass Cat!

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Puma FTD

BassCat Puma FTD Silhouette

The redesigned Puma FTD stretches out with the latest revision in today’s popular model. Performance expectations of the Bass Cat “Family” are lofty and we think we have accomplished that with more than just a growl in the throaty bass rig.

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Cougar FTD

2015 Bass Cat Cougar FTD Silhouette

The Cougar FTD (Full Team Deck) began a wave for Bass Cat in terms of efficiency and performance. It shares the proven FTD hull that has been refined over time. Our latest design had a couple inches added to the beam for the perfect platform to pitch or cast from. 

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The Caracal name is a throwback from the 1980’s and 90’s hot rod version (17’) that dominated performance on the 1990’s Top 100 Tour. The heritage of the name is what we preserve in this shorter big body hull, drawing a new base to the Bass Cat name. 

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BassCat Eyra

The Eyra is been coined the "bridge" boat from its inception. Its designed to go from bridge to bridge in break-neck speed all while utilizing a 200hp - 250hp outboard. The Eyra has a length of 20ft 2in, a beam of 94.5in and can hit an impressive 70 MPH. 

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Cougar Advantage

BassCat Cougar Advantage

Every company needs a boat that cuts a switch, changes the horn, eases back on pumps or changes, somehow, to make a more affordable product. This best describes the Cougar Advantage model. It is a better buy than most any product out there today.

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Pantera II

BassCat Pantera II

The Pantera just might be the most iconic model in bass boats. In 1988 it boosted Bass Cat through the recession of 1990-1992. Literally being scooped up as they got unloaded from the trucks with a waiting list not rivaled today.

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Sabre FTD

 BassCat Sabre

When you look at a Sabre FTD you tend to compare it to bargain boats, and it is no bargain boat. You can updress this model with the Advantage Elite package, and nothing falls short as it is a package for seasoned anglers. 

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Sabre Vision


This is not an inexpensive starter. This is a boat with all the materials and construction techniques of the Jaguar. The floor plan closely resembles the Pantera II, and they share many of the same storages in layout and size.

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We built a new Margay with a price tag and construction technique no one other competitor can touch. The innovative design features a huge center rod locker. Ten rods can rest above a tackle storage area, and outwards are two smaller storages for your choice of other items.

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